“Since I found this restaurant, this has already become my favorite. My family enjoys the food and my friends enjoyed what the bar has to offer. This is indeed your one-stop shop if you simply want to have the time of your life.”


“The ambiance of this place is really very relaxing. This is among my favorite to go to place at present. The food is exquisite, you’d keep coming back for more. Once I brought my kids here with me. My youngest is a picky eater, but the wait staff managed to take him into eating some mixture that is composed mostly of greens. My kid loved it and since then, he kept on asking me to bring me some whenever it is treated day or whenever he gets a big star at school. It is a win-win situation for me since on a regular basis, I won’t be able to command my kid to actually eat vegetables. Now, he is even asking me to bring him vegetables at home. This place can do their magic, especially on kids.”


“The cocktails they serve here are great plus the handcrafted beers. I haven’t tasted a beer yet that has a hint of bubblegum in it or mint. This place knows how to really make their customers really happy. I really recommend this place whether you are going out with your friends or your family. I promise that you won’t regret it.”


“Gosh! The lamb they serve here is very appetizing. I really love it. The meat readily falls off the bone which is a testament to how good the meat is cooked. Their chicken is also delicious. But what you shouldn’t miss is their dessert. The delicate taste of their differently flavored cheesecake is to die for. I promise you, you won’t leave there until your plate is empty.”