About Us

About Us

Nelson Blue was the baby project of Leona Kitori. It was named after her brother who first dreamt of building his restaurant. Unfortunately, he died in 2000 before realizing his dream. Since the same brother made a significant impact on the life of Leona – her brother standing as her parents ever since their parents died – she worked hard to realize his dream for him. But not without hard work and effort,

Leona never had a good childhood. She was forced to work at a young age to make ends meet. Although her brother who was 6 years older than her worked as a hard as well, it was not enough for both kids to have a good life. As such, Leona helped him by being a runner at the restaurant near their area. That started their dream of putting up a restaurant in the future.

Although her brother was not anymore alive to see her efforts, she dedicated every single thing that she does to him. She made sure that there is a touch of him in the restaurant like his favorite color combinations and his favorite food. You can also definitely see there a whole collage of their picture together. If you managed to see Leona coming until tables after tables at Nelson Blue, you can also find it frequent that she speaks of her brother. That is the extent of her dedication to her brother’s memories.

Nelson Blue was built in 2007. Since then it has gathered already a number of awards and recognition due to the unparalleled services they render to the customers. They serve great dishes that were never seen before. What more is that they continue to be innovative with the food they offer yo the public.

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